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Welcome to Terracor

Terra is Latin for earth and Cor is Latin for heart, TerraCor. The only “law” any living Man or Woman needs to follow if they respect themselves and their fellow human beings is the law of the land (the earth) often known as Common Law.

Common Law comes from the heart you were born with it and nothing can ever take that away.

The TerraCor community is comprised of Living Men and Women who find themselves born into a conquered “nation” surrounded by a geographic “fence” erected by a company called a government, state, monarch or dictator.

When you realise you are as free as the birds that fly overhead you are waking the TerraCor inside you.

Everyone that is awake to the agenda to reduce and control humanity is TerraCor and can create their own ID card stating their place in their community.

You can create a TerraCor ID here on this website for yourself and your loved ones there are no age limitations because we were all born TerraCor but within days someone labelled us otherwise.

TerraCor are today a spiritually displaced ethnic minority. The truth is that TerraCor are the vast majority of this world but as we just said everyone is tricked into thinking that the “forced occupiers and conquerors” (governments etc.) of the land we were all born on are our masters. The entire population of the world is born TerraCor.

Governments, states, monarchs, dictators are not your master; the irony is that nearly all of them subscribe to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights 1948 where they agree and denounce slavery in all its forms. All of them trick Living Men and Women into slavery by fraudulently confusing them that they have jurisdiction and authority over them. The fact is you are not a slave and they are not your masters.

Take a look at the TerraCor Philosophy document and see if your heart agrees with the principles there.

Create your TerraCor card today for you and your loved ones, and be proud to say;

I am TerraCor