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TerraCor Philosophy

A living man or woman who has declared themselves as TerraCor has a belief system that is separate from any state control.

TerraCor living men and women are a spiritually displaced ethnic community. They were born on the land that has been wrongly invaded by corporate governments imposing fake and fraudulent authority upon the inhabitants of geographic regions they call nations.

TerraCor believe that all governments are not required and unnecessary.

TerraCor require no rulers whatsoever, and they give no allegiance to any corporate government body, state, monarchy or republic.

TerraCor believe the entire planet belongs to the people, and as such TerraCor are found in pocket communities all around the planet.

TerraCor will cooperate with other living men and women to form locally organised groups such as elders, to form various standards of behaviour that are accepted within the boundaries of Common Law.

TerraCor know that their beliefs are given by their creator which can be interpreted as God or any other religions version of God, the Universe, Nature, source energy, all that is and ever will be, and as such these beliefs cannot be extinguished, over-written, superseded, revoked or replaced by any government or corporate body of such.

TerraCor believe that all borders are fraudulent inventions of corporate entities falsely enslaving and trapping living men and women.

TerraCor know that all babies are born living and free and they reject the unlawful conversions of these new-borns into trading entities via birth certificates imposed fraudulently by governments.

TerraCor are peaceful and renounce violence, yet retain the inalienable right to protect themselves and their family from tyranny and violence imposed upon them.

TerraCor naturally without coercion undertake to cause no harm loss or injury to any other living man or woman.

TerraCor naturally without coercion undertake to be honourable in all contracts they sign.

TerraCor will engage with the state for roads, travel and utilities for reasons of convenience only and because they know that their ancestors built and created these services and that by default they have been stolen by governments.

TerraCor require all governments not to interfere with the education of their children.

TerraCor require all governments not to impose any medical interventions without consent.

TerraCor require all governments not to restrict their inalienable right to travel.

TerraCor desire to trade with each other using their own unimpeded financial system.

TerraCor believe they have the right to self-determination individually and collectively.

TerraCor believe they have the right to be presumed innocent of any offence until found guilty by a jury of at least 12 of their peers.

TerraCor believe they have the right to bear arms to defend themselves, their family, property and community from unlawful acts of aggression and theft with all reasonable force necessary.

TerraCor believe they have the right to exercise their conscience and remain silent wherever appropriate.

TerraCor believe they have the right to family life, freedom of expression including religious freedom.

TerraCor believe they have the right to live in an unpolluted environment with access to clear air, water and food sources

TerraCor believe they have the right of free assembly and to be able to campaign against injustices of all natures and descriptions.

TerraCor believe they have the right to come and go as they please without unwarranted intrusion, harassment, surveillance or delays.

TerraCor believe they have the right to autonomy and the conduct of every aspect of their lives within the boundaries set by the Common Law.

TerraCor believe they have the right to contract and conduct any lawful business using any financial system they choose, without government interference or licencing or taxation.

TerraCor believe they have the right to convene a Common Law Court for the lawful remedy of any wrongs.

TerraCor recognise that governments are continually imposing slavery upon living men and women and use violence, kidnapping and murder to impose the same slavery. As such TerraCor will be seen to comply with unlawful impositions of slavery for the purpose of self-protection.

TerraCor know that the majority of government officials do not comprehend that they are creating and imposing slavery not only upon living men and women but on themselves and their own children. TerraCor leave the identification and education of these errors to TerraCor elders.

When the TerraCor community engage through their elders with government bodies in the pursuit of stolen freedoms and inalienable rights they will be speaking with one voice.